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How To Enable Angle Snapping?

Angle Snapping, which takes its place next to many settings usually found in gaming mice or mice with high DPI, is not a new feature.

But the first Angle Snapping mice didn’t have a very good reputation. The reason for this was that some gaming mice offered this feature openly locked and did not allow to turn it off.

This feature, also called Mouse Prediction, is the automatic correction of mouse movements. Of course, the dose and precision of this is very important, as overcorrection results in an unnatural and unfeeling control mechanism.

Today, the Angle Snapping option is offered on different gaming mice, which can be turned on, off and even adjusted. Of course, this feature affects players and designers in different ways. It will vary according to your usage area.

What is Angle Snapping?

Angle Snapping, drawing programs, etc. It allows you to draw a straight line by locking the mouse when you want to draw a straight line.

Usually, this feature is used by gamers or people who draw.

It will help you to move in a straight line by softening the angle you want to bring with the mouse.

How To Enable Angle Snapping?

If you haven’t tried this feature before and your mouse has it, you can enable Angle Snapping by following the step below.

This action will make Angle Snapping work on all mice such as “Razer” and “Logitech“.

1. Download InterAccel

InterAccel is an open-source Angle Snapping software that is publicly distributed.

You can turn Angle Snapping on or off with this software.

To have InterAccel software, first of all, reach the link we left below.

InterAccel GitHub

Let’s download by clicking the “Code” button on the page we reach, and then the “Download ZIP” option.

Download InterAccel

2. Install InterAccel

Open the “.zip” file you downloaded and extract the “InterAccel-master” folder to your desktop.

Access the “1. driver” folder in the folder and right-click on the “driver_install.bat” file and run it as an administrator.

Install Driver

After the installation process is complete, access the previous folder and open the “2. application (64 bit)” or “3. application (32-bit)” folder suitable for your operating system.

Double-click the “interGUI.exe” program in the folder and run it.

Open interGUI

Change the “AngleSnapping” option to “20” on the screen that opens and click the “Preview Changes” then “Save Changes” button to save.

Enable Angle Snapping

After saving the setting, type “Paint” in the start search screen and check it by drawing.

A value of “20” is seen as the best setting. But you can change this setting by adjusting it according to your mouse.

How to Turn Off Angle Snapping?

It will work as long as you don’t close the app after saving Angle Snapping setting.

To turn off or delete the Angle Snapping save the setting, change the “AngleSnapping” option to “0” and click the “Preview Changes” and then the “Save Changes” button to save it.

Turn Off Angle Snapping

Does Angle Snapping Cause Game Ban?

We cannot give a clear answer to this question as there are many online games.

But Angle Snapping is used by many players in online games.

You can find out whether Angle Snapping is prohibited in the online game you are playing, by searching the internet or by contacting the game’s support teams.

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